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Is Harvey Levin Gay?

HarveylevinAs you may or may not know, many bloggers get their information from tmz.com. Started in July 2006, they became instantly famous with the reporting of the Mel Gibson incident. The gossip website is  a collaboration between AOL and Telepictures Productions, a division of Warner Brothers. TMZ means "Thirty Mile Zone", which is insider talk for an imaginary radius also known as the "studio zone." All of which is headed by producer and lawyer, Harvey Levin.
Levin is gay.
Which isn't news, but its also not known. The process of outing, presumably serves the purpose of making the world more comfortable with the notion that gays, famous gays, walk amongst us. And Harvey walks amongst us but he is not one of us (borrowing heavily from a LOST storyline). On a day when the big gay blog story is that Ryan Seacrest and Simon Cowell exchange innuendos about "Ryan coming out of the closet", it seems peculiar, that no one has ever demanded, for whatever reason, the same of Harvey Levin. The world of gossip and the people who produce, manage and publish it are fair trade. If you make your business in gossip, there is no reason you shouldn't be the subject of it. As it was once said of eating shark: turnabout is fair play.



I was just wondering, I felt my gaydar go off when I was watching TMZ one day. I think hes cute and sweet.


I wish he wasn't gay. The last thing we need is another bitchy paparazzi asshole to be gay. Jesus in a jar!

Brian in WeHo

Harvey Levin being gay is just like Liberace being a queen. We didn't want him either. PLEASE PLEASE ... Make him straight.


He is So Hot!!!


I Love Harvey Levine. I watch People's Court Twice a day, Just to see Harvey. In the few seconds he on screen. In that show. Then I can't miss Him on TMZ every night. I just can't go to sleep without Looking and seeing Harvey Everyday. His So Hot, Cute, Sweet, Thanks Bill


Was I they only one that saw the TMZ episode that someone brought out the Gaydar gun and pointed it around? Harvey grinned and ducked behind the counter he was standing in front of. That's when I knew.


Yea this Glen guy nailed it. Saw that, thought the same


wow, i always knew that.

Harvey Levin Gay

second thought, i might have not guessed that until i saw the pic of him with his "buddy".

Harvey Levin Gay

i always knew he was gay...

Pam Love

Well break my little heart. :(


He is one smart man Gay or not.

michael p h

i knew i and he is so hot but cant find any "nude or semi nude" pics anyone know of shirtless pics?

Bryan Burns

Don't get me started,Michael! ever since TMZ started Ive been BEGGING for a shirtless pic of Harvey. Seeing his hairy buff body poking out of his shirts drives me nuts,Id kill to see those pecs that outline that shirt unveiled

I love the way his guns POP when he writes on the board or rests his elbows on the cubicle wall

Ho mo

What for??

Ho mo

Oh my God!! Are you fkn serious???

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