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The Day Before Christmas

Queercure-288x300 Eminem has agreed to leave out the anti-gay songs in order to appear at the Wireless Festival in England. Mostly out of fear of protesters spoiling the concert, Outrage! spokeman David Allison said: "We have a condition that he does not use lyrics that encourage or incite hatred against gay people."
George Michael has a new documentary coming out, George Michael – Live in London. The documentary is filmed footage of a arena concert in 2008, which marked the end of this 25 Live Tour. Featured tracks include “Careless Whisper, “Freedom”, Faith”, “Everything She Wants” and “Amazing.”  The behind the scenes bonus documentary, “I’d Know Him A Mile Off” offers a inside look into Michael’s life on and off the stage. A preview can be seen here.

Gay entertainment websites are buzzing over the exclusion of a gay pairing in the trailer of the upcoming feature film Valentine's Day.The romantic comedy, set for a February 12 nationwide release, pairs five couples as they celebrate Valentine's Day in Los Angeles. Included in the mix is Bradley Cooper, whose gay character is reportedly in love with a closeted football player, performed by Eric Dane, dreamy Doctor McSteamy from ABC's Grey's Anatomy.

But the movie's trailer released Monday omits the film's inclusion of a gay storyline.

“Is it really impossible to market an ensemble romantic comedy to the masses with a gay couple in it?,” Ed Kennedy wrote at AfterElton.com, a website devoted to male gay entertainment. “Could that really be considered a bad marketing move in Hollywood now?” Trailer can be viewed here.

Strange: A recent controversy surfaced suggesting that HP computers are racist. A video surfaced featuring two extremely bored employees who suggest that the video tracking of HP computers does not follow black people. You can view the video and judge here

 And from jaysays.com this: How deep does homophobia have to go before society, at large, admits that it is a serious problem?  Police in Queensland, Australia are investigating a man who allegedly paid a prostitute to rape his 15 year old son because he thought his son was homosexual.  According to reports, the man took the boy to a motel, gave a female prostitute $50.00 and told his son that he wanted to see a used condom to evidence that he was getting what he was paying for.

But for the father allegedly making yet another brilliant parenting decision, the incident would have remained unreported.  Police were tipped off about the rape when the father called the Child Protection Investigation Unit to inquire as to why they hadn’t investigated his son for “abusing” his younger brother,  After he inquired, he advised the the officer that he had attempted to fix the problem himself by taking the boy to a prostitute.

Rockhampton Magistrates Court’s investigation determined that enough evidence existed to substantiate the allegations against the father to send him to trial for the rape of his son.

And a merry Christmas to you.



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