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IDoBothbicaqrtoon14084341_l CNN recently ran a story, "The Last Person Out of the Closet? The Bisexual Male" which explores the controversy surrounding the heated topic of bisexuality. The initialism, LGBT, which stands for gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender, has been in use since the early 90s. The concept of bisexuality is simple: a man or woman is sexually and/or romantically attracted to both sexes. Here is where the confusion starts. It would seem that everyone can and most likely has been romantically attracted to the opposite sex at some point. It's the sex, that is the devil in the detail. There is also that other curious term, bi-curious. On a popular cam site, nearly half of the men identity themselves as bi-curious. This is another way of suggesting that you haven't had enough experiences to make up your mind. It's as if you graduate from bi-curious to bisexual. There are other terms for these kinds of attractions such as homoflexible. The CNN article addresses one couple, Robert and Christine Winn. It's unclear what is being said, as the writer says the couple boasts 18 years of monogamous marriage, though the husband is openly bisexual. One presumes this means he has same sex in his mind?

Bisexuality is a heated issue because many in the gay community believe that bisexuality really doesn't exist. It's an excuse and a way of avoiding the reality that one might be gay.

Most gay men in their late teens and early twenties identify with the concept of bisexuality because at that point, the signals the body and mind are sending can be confusing. It also is a way of softening the blow to curious parents when they begin to ask, "which way do you swing?" Bisexuality also has an indication of hypersexuality: you'll screw anything.

CNN reports that In 2005, a controversial study from professors in Toronto, Canada, and Illinois reported males identifying as bisexual were typically not aroused by both sexes. Most of the bisexual men surveyed were physically aroused by images of men instead of women, the study said.

The bisexual community is small: the CDC reports that about 1.8 percent of people ages 15 to 44 in the U.S. identify as bisexual.

No doubt sexuality is fluid, attraction is certainly not solely based on gender. It is an interesting subject for conversation including biphobia.



I note the standard gay bias and prejudice agains the concept of bisexuality. I do not like the labels, but if I had to pin one one myself, it would be bisexual. This is because, while I am straight and married, I have, from time to time, enjoyed male-on-male sex. I think most men, if they weren't so afraid of being called "queer" would do the same. Given the number of men I've had sex with and the even greater number of them who are curious about it, I'd say that despite the CDC studies low percentage, bisexual males are more numerous than gay males. And gay men sneer at us because we make them nervous. We are prima facie evidence that homosexuality is a either a lifestyle choice or an aberration of psychosexual development and not the way one is born. Being completely sexually repulsed by women is counter-biological and cannot be "normal." Neither can being completely sexually repulsed my men. The funny thing s that women don't seem to have this issue with bisexual men. Most are quite accepting of the idea, if not the practie

Your Mom

Your reality is quite amusing, but fake and gay.
You're married? From time to time you bang with males? You are, my friend, a socially restrained person who probably hides his true desires, that is... cock. I'm just so surprised you're not familiar with the fact that sexuality is not a result of one factor, but rather a mix of more: cognitive, biological and social. I don't know who determines what gets to be normal, and what doesn't but it certainly wouldn't be a hypocrite. Men can be repulsed by women, because of the family circumstance they've been raised (close or distant to one of the parents to some extent, for an example) and it is not to be judged as abnormal. Being gay does not solely depend on these social factors, or your own choice. It is genes that are also crucial. Don't be superficial.

Bi guy

I find both your and the opening commentator's posts slightly offensive.

Reality - your suggestion that people are not born with sexual preferences simply isn't true. Being straight/bisexual/gay must be genetic to some extent, although I'm not doubting that some people's sexuality is influenced by their environment and/or own choices (which seems to be the case with you)

Your mum - your suggestion that reality is hiding his true desire is offensive. It's a fairly big assumption, and i think it's irresponsible for you to make such presumptions (sounds like homosexual prejudice to me)

I'm in my mid 20s, and consider myself to be bisexual. Even since I was a child, I have known that I have sexual feelings for both sexes. There are no factors in my environment which I think have lead to me being this way, therefore I'm assuming it must be genetic. I actually have a preference for girls (I am sexually attracted to both sexes, but I can only feel emotional attachment to girls, men are just for fun lol). But I can't deny that I do fantasize about same sex encounters all the time, but the same applies to encounters with the opposite sex, so this is how I know I am bisexual.

I believe sexuality is defined by our sexual desires, not our sexual actvity. Hence why people know they're gay/straight whilst still being a virgin. This is also why I think Reality is a straight man who has had same sex ecounters as opposed to being a bisexual - he says that he was enjoyed sex with men, not that he desires men. Heck, i enjoy having "sex" with my hand, it doesn't mean I'm a hand-sexual. Sexual pleausre can be derived from any action that stimulates the nerves in the penis, so I don't think our sexual activities defines our sexuality.

With me, I have crushes on both girls and boys. I currently have a brilliant girlfriend who is totally accepting of my sexuality, which is great. She has also had sex with girls, but is straight (she doesn't desire girls ever).

I'm sick and tired of people quoting studies to try to prove bisexulity is a myth. The studies presented are weak - I have yet to see one that I consider a fair trial. If anyone fancies conducting some research on me, they're welcome to it. But I can assure you of 2 things 1) I exist and 2) I am bisexual.


39 and still bisexual. And still I have gay men question it won't believe it. I do believe it is a threat to both "gay" and "straight". I am sorry but I agree with Freud, that bisexuality is in every human being. "Gay" men may have a genetic aspect "born this way" as well as "Straight" men but what I have seen is found is straight men are curious and have had sex with men and gay men are curious and have had sex with women. But I think their is a major psychological and sociological component to this.

I actually NEVER understood "gay" or "straight". "Gay" and "straight" exist of course but there is even a sublimated bisexual component to gay or straight. Gays will sublimate hetero desire in the form of glamorizing divas and straights will often sublimate homoeroticism via male bonding rituals.

The men I have seen who are bisexual and aware of it have a choice as to how to direct and express their desires into either hetero or homo territory. I have had both homo and hetero relationships they are both great feelings. That said I am now in a relationship with a woman like myself.

I also exist and have a right to exist. And the denial of my existence is nothing short of the worst form of bigotry.

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