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Ain't Life Grand?

In the event you haven't seen Steve Grand or his new video, "All-American Boy" here it is. His appearance on CNN today will make his already viral video even more popular, but as some of you know, there is more to this story. Mr. Grand is also a model. Mr. Grand has also been known as Finn Diesel, Steve Chatham and Steve Starchild. He has been on the cover of DNA magazine and one assumes this modelling assignments paid for his $7000 video. The video is well done, and touches on the subject of rejection. The fact that Mr. Grand (or whatever his real name is) is such a beauty IS a distraction, but you can't condemn one for being beautiful. His appearance on CNN was one of modesty and newsworthy as he is being called a gay country and western artist. You can bet on one thing: you'll be seeing a lot more of Steve Grand. Steve-grand-5 FinnDiesel08-446x670


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